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Thursday 26 September 2013

Blackcurrant Mousse

Devastatingly, it is no longer blackcurrant season, but I know that most people would substitute blueberries or the currently appearing in the brambles near you blackberry anyway, so I don't feel the need to apologise for once again not posting particularly often or promptly.

Anyway, this week, I have baked twice and even made dilly beans à la FIJ, so know that there will be joy to come in the near future.

OK, the mousse.

I was at a loss as to what to make with the blackcurrants we picked this August in The Gower, because let's face it, when life gives you blackcurrants, most people just send them on to the Ribena factory (delicious!). But I'm different. I make stuff up.

(Just like a few days ago when I came home from work, tired, tearful and smelling of the Economy Class cabin on a 777-300ER, to find a wild rabbit and over priced pesto in the fridge from Mr. Other P's (not called him that in a while!) food festival frolics. Hello rabbit in mustard and cream sauce.)

I don't know if we can really use the word mousse here. I think, technically, this is a fruit flavoured whipped ganache. But really. Let's not over complicate. There's no need. We'll just make dessert.

I quite like making purple food. The colour always makes me think of Prince. And my friend Lucy (she of the purple batik), but Prince first. This blackcurrant mousse is not quite what I expect the inside of Paisley Park looks like, but rather a delicate take on Angel Delight. All good here, thanks.

If you want to make this and are subbing the above mentioned berries, I would just purée them, raw, and add sugar to taste. The blackcurrants, should you have some, need cooking. To get this amount, simmer about 300g or so of them with a little water and a few tablespoons of sugar (it's impossible to be exact here: you might have sweeter currants than the sour little bitches I pulled off those bushes), then push the resulting purple-blue-black mixture through a sieve.

Blackcurrant Mousse

You will need:

250ml blackcurrant purée
200g white chocolate
300ml double cream

  1. Melt the chocolate. Set aside to cool.
  2. Whip the cream. Fold a little into the chocolate, just to lighten it, then add the rest. Fold in the purée.
  3. Divide amongst glasses and chill until set: I got six out of this. I guess if you have larger glasses, you'll get less.
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