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Tuesday 16 March 2010

Glittering Raspberry Kulfi

I really don't consider myself a competitive person. Honestly. But at the moment there are about three or four food related competitions that I am just desperate to enter. Or maybe I just like the fit of my 'Blogging Community' apron, I don't know.

Not all of the competitions are blog based, mind you, but one that is is Sanjana's. I don't really want the prize for myself (although would it be so bad if I did? It's the 21st Century - if I, as a man in my mid late twenties want to wear a charm bracelet, I will!), but I know some people who would like it a lot, and I love the idea behind this competition... To create a dish inspired by the bracelet itself.

Well, I am a sucker for sparklies. It's an oft-told story in my family that I was basically a magpie as a child. Anything that sparkled, I wanted. Badly. In my early years, I referred to such items as 'Peter likes'. To this day, it is pre-requisite that the birthday card my mum sends me each year will be glittery.

So, I figured, if there's sparkling food to be made, then I, missus, am in.

I took my inspiration from this particular photo - the ice cream with the diamonds really called out to me. Can you imagine eating diamond studded ice-cream?

Well, you won't have to imagine for much longer.

Obviously, my budget didn't run to real diamonds, but I did find some silver dragees which have sat in place of their less inexpensive cousins quite happily, and come with the added advantage of being entirely edible. Always a nice quality to have in food, don't you think?

I was going to make real ice-cream, but have noticed over the 6 months or so that I have been reading her blog that Sanjana favours eggless cuisine. So ice-cream as I usually make it was out. I could have done frozen yogurt, but it didn't seem very inventive, and I've always liked to think of myself as inventive. So I decided to try and make kulfi.

I love kulfi! I had the most amazing pistachio kulfi in a street café in Delhi once, as well as some pretty good stuff in Rusholme years ago with my mum, and have always wanted to try and make some at home. But I hadn't the foggiest idea how to, so politely asked Google for help. Google is usually quite helpful.

Though not this time.

Cue Problem Number One. There are more ways to make kulfi than I can bear. Some suggest using cream (not doing it, there's been too much cream on desserts in our house recently, we're not getting fat if I have anything to do with it), and most don't seem to add any fruit, only saffron and nuts; I wanted to make a raspberry version.

After much research, I finally found a fairly simple looking recipe for rosewater kulfi that calls only for milk, and decided to just wing it with the raspberries and hope for the best.

Cue Problem Number Two. The recipe requires me to reduce the milk (2 litres of it) by half.

Long story short, the recipe went into the circular file (that's polite office-speak for I BINNED IT!), and I decided to go it alone. Well, not quite alone. It was me and the blender. But you get the idea.

Shall we go all floral? Yeah, let's.

I used a tin of evaporated milk, and whizzed it with the other ingredients. The result was a party-pink mousse that tasted like Mini Milks and froze into the most perfect kulfi I can ever imagine making.

So what do you think? Glittering Raspberry Kulfi. It's my new best friend.

One word Sanjana: winner.

Mr. P's Glittering Raspberry Kulfi

You will need:

1 x 410g tin evaporated milk
large handful of frozen raspberries
2 tbsp caster sugar

  1. Whizz everything together in the blender for 30 seconds; you should have a thick mousse. If not, whizz in 10 second bursts until you do.
  2. Transfer to washed out yogurt pots (or kulfi moulds, if you run to that sort of thing), cover with clingfilm, and freeze for at least 4 hours.
  3. That's it! Run under the cold tap just before serving - it helps you to turn them out.


  1. Mr P your raspberry kulfi looks amazingly delicious and a beautiful click too.

  2. That looks and sounds wonderful.
    And who can resist a few sparklies to show it off

  3. I just adore Sanjana, don't you?!! But I really, really adore your dessert, too! Crossing fingers!

  4. this is a winner stuff from you dear...

  5. Thanks guys! It's all crossed, I can tell you. :)

  6. Haaa thas Shooooooo CUTE!!
    i love the simplicity of it all!!

  7. gorgeous! Thanks for sending the link! I'll be sure to post tomorrow morning on my column (ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com)

  8. I. Love. It. It looks so similar to the charm you took your inspiration from too! :) Thank you for making it eggless... Now I can try it! I adore the rose decoration... so pretty. Best of luck, magpie! :D

  9. Wow, that's super simple and really really pretty. The dragees are inspired, love how they match the charm...

  10. Oh my gosh that's so pretty I love it! I hope you win!

  11. wow! this is sooo beautiful! good luck! i really hope you win. you certainly deserve to!

    and i LOVe that bracelet! it reminds me of my gold juicy one. =)

    as for my first cupcake with the icing tip- it was the salted caramel ones on my site. have you seen them?

  12. Sounds like you should try this recipe for kulfi I've had bookmarked for years. It's super rich, and *fantastic* with a pretty great effort-to-results ratio!

    I'll add your kulfi recipe to my queue as well!

    Note: it's not my blog, I'm not advertising, only sharing a great recipe. :)

  13. Mr. P, I found your blog thru Sanjana's and love it.
    But this kulfi is unfair to the other competition... I would give the bracelet for such a pretty looking kulfi :)
    Where did u find the flower shaped mould?

  14. Mr P. I think this recipe is a wunner. Very creative.

  15. This is the prettiest dessert I have ever seen. I want to wrap it in a Tiffany's box and give it to someone as a brithday gift. You sir, have talent. And moxy, for doing it off-the-cuff without a recipe.

    Good luck on the competition :)

  16. Raspberry kulfi looks gorgeous, love the soft pink color !

  17. I never made kulfi before so I don't know anything about all this milk reducing malarkey. I love where you took your inspiration from, the end result looks great. Raspberry is a better flavour for kulfi I think, I get sick of it always being mango or pistachio etc.

  18. Let's be honest - lots of us like this, because although we all profess to enjoy spending time cooking, and doing foodie things, we are all still suckers for the 'it took me 5 minutes, doesn't contain rubbish, looks ok and I can still say I made it myself' school of food preparation! :)

    Cooking Foodie - you can use yogurt pots or anything you like. These were from a cheap shop and were called pudding moulds, or something like that. I like the shape that caramel flan comes in. But I hate caramal flan, so obviously steered clear!

  19. so pretty! can't believe you can make it in 2 seconds!

  20. This looks awesome! It's true that often the simplest things are the most effective - and this is definitely effective! I'll have to give this a go. I think my son would love to try making this. xx

  21. Does this recipe make the single dessert? Easy enough to double... can't wait to try it!

  22. This looks so pretty - am well impressed. I made mango kulfi for the 1st time a few months ago. I followed the reducing the milk down method, but got bored after about an hour, so it was a little more watery than it should have been, but oh so delicious. didn't look half as beautiful as you though.

    If you're feeling competative I've got a slightly easier competition on my blog but just under 48 hours left to run - http://choclogblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/chocolate-breakfast-competition.html

  23. Your kulfi is so beautiful! I love how you interpreted that part of the bracelet =).
    Good luck!

    ~Kurious Kitteh

  24. I saw this on www.thekitchn.com. Well done! It looks so artsy and sparkly!

  25. can you say cutie patoootie? Great intspiration!

  26. I love kulfi and sparkles (much like you Mr P as a child actually) so this is a winner to me too:) The bonus of an 'instant' of preperation doesn't hurt!

  27. wow this looks so cute,..:-)

  28. This looks fabulous - absolutely gorgeous.

  29. I voted for it...and now I'm bookmarking your blog. Lovely dish.

  30. When do you get the results, Mr.P?

    On another note, I shall now set you a camping challenge: To create and make a camping-friendly dessert/baked good without scrimping on glamour...or taste. Deadline: July 4th 2010.

  31. The desert looks amazing, I have only one question, are those silver things comestible, what are they made from?

  32. wow wow wow...no words to describe about this kulfi....wow awesome....luv it!
    I didn't know that this simple recipe will show wonders! Gr8 Job! :)


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