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Friday 2 October 2009

Starting Points

I'll be honest with you:

I have been thinking about blogging forever. Blogs are my second favourite thing in the whole word, and I would spend all day reading other people's if I could (and sometimes do - the reason I am often late meeting friends). However, I have been scared to get my feet wet myself because I didn't think I could emulate the amazingness of the blogs I follow. But then this happened and I had to throw all caution to the wind -

Yes, I know that a box of pears, some dirty veggies and a green waste bin (note to self: make more effort with photographs in future) may not scream 'impetus' to you, but to me they sang it, and sweetly. My point is this: if I can't come up with some interesting recipes to put all this abundance to good use, then I obviously lack the creativity and flair needed to write a good blog. And I have always liked to think of myself as somebody who has flair.

And so here we are! The starting point for my blog - what Mr. P did with the vegetables. Obviously one day there will be nothing left in the boxes, but by that point I will have thought of something else that's delicious and needs blogging.

The vegetables, by the way, come from the exceptionally green-fingered parents of Mr. Other P (for we are two). They live in Worcester and have a vegetable patch as big as my kitchen! I love everything they grow, but especially the beetroot, runner beans and parsnips. I think the fact that I said so over dinner with them and Mr. Other P inspired them to give us the box of veg. They seem less exlusive with the pears, however, which get given to anyone who'll take 'em (apparently the postman used to eat some everyday when he delivered the post, but he retired last Spring and the new one doesn't seem to have the same appetite, which might explain why we got so many).

Anyway, we're off with the blog... Welcome to Delicious Delicious Delicious! It's lovely to meet you.


  1. I also get an abundance of veggies provided to me by my dear boyfriend from his mom's garden (same size, I'd imagine, but I do have a small kitchen as a reference point).

    Green beans galore and heirloom tomatoes of all sizes! So much fun!

  2. It is brilliant, I agree. But not without its own pitfalls: You have to wash the grit off yourself!

    I never realised that none of my readers know the size of my kitchen... But it's small too. Though actually, it might not be for too much longer...


That's what he said.

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