Thursday, 26 November 2009

Christmas Cake News Flash

You do not need another recipe for Christmas cake.

But you do need to know that mine is baking in the oven as I type, and that no house has ever smelled as good as mine does now.

There is bad news too, however: I have already done the washing up, so Mr. Other P can't lick the bowl.


  1. LOL Mr P, NO FAIR! Even if you don't want to bother typing out a recipe (they do tend to the lengthy those Christmas Cakes), you have to tell us a little about it:):)


  2. yeah, me too Mr.P, I want to see another christmas cake recipe..I love reading recipes and trying them too, but I would understand if it's your secret recipe ;)

  3. OK, I will share it tomorrow guys. I just eyeballed it though, so it might not be exact. I know I used almost a whole bottle of whiskey!

    Sorry for late responses - I've been away!

  4. I wanna see the xmas cake recipeeee! It's so fantastic that you can buy kewra water, it's excellent for biryanis and sweet stuff too. I recently sneaked a few tsps of it into a thai massaman curry I made and it give a great flavour to it. Word of warning- it smells like cheap aftershave but thankfully tastes much better than it smells- esp when you combine it with vanilla in baking!

    Noooo- It's really NOT horrendous buying frozen paratha- I usually keep a few packets of them in my freezer for those lazy days (you know which ones I'm talkin' about lol). They are so flaky... I can't resist. If you like Indian breads next time your at that awesome sounding world food store have a look near the frozen paratha and chapattis for something called 'Thepla/Masala Chapatti/Methi Chapatti' They're all the same thing but produced under different names according to the brand. They're basically spiced chapattis with fenugreek leaves, chilli and turmeric... A Gujarati speciality. You cook them the same as you would the frozen paratha.

    Cheers for 'following' moi and for your lovely comments!


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