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Thursday 12 August 2010

Pie of the Month - July

I am starting this post with a picture of some tarts from my local patisserie
(yes, we have one in Cathays!). You need to at least see something pretty on here today.

Fail Pies. Bin Pies. Awful Tarts. You can call July's pie whatever you like, just don't attempt to eat them.

Remember this? Well, I am learning from Judy's bravery and coming out with the truth. Just don't judge me, OK? This isn't going to be pretty.

July was a VERY busy month for me. I had no time to bake anything at all, and as a result, there were few blog posts, and no pie of the month. I also didn't get a chance to make Sanjana's lamington recipe for Lamington Day on 21 July, which is doubly awful because I wanted to try making srikhand.

Anyway, I had it all planned out. I was going to make some pandan egg custard tarts, like the ones I always order in Chinese bakeries. Turns out that you need special mini-tart moulds which are shockingly over-priced in Cardiff, so I decided to just wing it with a mini muffin tin I use for mince pies at Christmas. Oh, and to use pre-made puff pastry.

(If this were an episode of Air Crash Investigations, now would be the point at which the narrator chillingly announces that 'Although the flight crew don't yet know it, the seeds of disaster have already been sown...')

I am not even going to give you the recipe. Or talk about this anymore. I am just sorry that I wasted some of my lovely pandan extract and delicious eggs on this rubbish.

Learn from this people. July is not for pie.

But August will have one, and I shall be back next week with macarons!


No food styling for these. As if they're fit for anything but the bin. (Actually, we did eat them.)


  1. Traditional egg tarts can sometimes be rather unforgiving. My mum makes them quite frequently to sell and even she gets frustrated. So don't despair. Next time it'll be two thumbs up :)
    (btw, lovely site. Pointed this way from Conor @ Hold The Beef).

  2. How on earth can you, of all people, watch Air Crash Investigations?!

    Nice bin tarts, P! You know I'm saving my fail photos, someday I'll post a slide show.

    Ever see a gray cheesecake? You might someday.

  3. Thanks Jennifer. They did not, as you can see, forgive me.

    H - It's one of my favourite shows! I actually wish they did a Cake Crash Investigations. My bin pies deserve their own episode!

  4. I appreciate that you are a real baker who's not afraid to try new things and sometimes messes up. I don't like reading food blogs that seem way too perfect. I've learned some great lessons from my baking flops.

    Maybe someone should hold a biggest baking disaster contest.

    Also, I thought your tarts didn't look so bad. I would have tried one.

  5. oh Mr P... my 100th blog post celebration cake was also a disaster (although it strangely looks OK in the photo's... it really was bad) and the icing recipe I took from your last blog post!!!... anyhoo, we are but merely human and our imperfections make us the gods we truly are... (that's what I keep telling myself...)

  6. It's good to know that even the baking elite sometimes produce bin tarts.

    Pandan custard? Yum! Hold the eggs though... I wanna mix some pandan extract into Ambrosia. Is that gross?

    Let me know when you get a chance to make srikhand. I won't be taking any blame if you get sugar shock though.

  7. I can sympathize! I've had a couple of terrible mistakes lately. Last night, I completely forgot that parchment paper can burn, and tried to bake some pizza with it (a hundred degrees Fahrenheit over the temperature limit for parchment). Thirty seconds after putting it in the oven, the house smelled like it was burning down (and it was probably pretty close to doing so!).
    And let's not even get into that pie dough I tried to make on a sweltering afternoon...

    I enjoy reading your blog, and it is nice to see someone post a mistake alongside their successes. After all, kitchen mistakes happen!

  8. LOL! you win some, you lose some, right? c'est la vie! =)

  9. Nothing wrong with failure. Just another stepping stone towards your success! Matter of fact...I've learned much more from my failures than from my successes! (given all my failures you'd think I'd be a professional baker by now! ;-D)


  10. July was definitely a "pie month" for me! Peach Pie with Lattice Crust! But I've tipped a few things into the bin over the years!


That's what he said.

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