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Sunday 6 November 2011

Chocolate Marshmallow Pots

Until you have eaten one of my chocolate pots with a hot pink melamine
teaspoon, you cannot have truly known happiness.

And that's just a fact, friends.

I have some exciting news. I have been asked, by the good people at Russell Hobbs, to road test some of their Allure appliance range. I'm taking part in their cookery challenge, and submitting four (count them!) videos and recipes. My first video, for these luscious Chocolate Marshmallow Pots, is available to view here. Please do NOT mention how awful I look, and how messy my kitchen is. I am no professional TV chef!

Please DO 'like' or tweet about how much you like my video, using the link provided. There'll be another each week for the next four weeks, and I'll be counting on all of you lovely lot to make sure that I get at least two 'likes'. I don't mind losing though. Having you all come back here regularly makes me the happiest loser in town!

Now: the recipe theme for this first challenge was Bonfire Night. I'm not really a fire and smoke kind of a guy to be honest. I mean, I love a sparkler under the right circumstances, but only if there's a bucket of water nearby for me to drop them into afterwards. I remember those terrifying firework safety campaign videos. I was an Eighties child after all.

Chocolate pots don't scream 'Guy Faulkes'. But give a moment to explain myself. I got the idea from the hot chocolate and marshmallows that saved me from icing over at the firework display we went to four years ago in Cardiff. We were 'on time' for the 7pm start. A mistake, friends. The organisers hadn't even lit the fire yet. We had to wait until 9pm in the cold, dark fog. I wanted to die I was so cold, and had it not been for Francesco and his kind purchase of marshmallow topped cocoas, I probably would have. It is now my November beverage essential, and thus the inspiration for my recipe. (Though only the video has the full, marshmallowed and sparklered version - I forgot to take photos of those.)

(Which also should have been for a condiment or dip, but hey: I'm a rule breaker!)

My Lady Grey tea packaging reminds me on a daily basis that Noel Coward once said it would be awful to live in a country where people didn't drink tea. Noel - you're a man after my own. But really, it would be even worse to live in a country without HC and M. Especially on Bonfire Night.

These are so easy to make. Watch.

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow Pots

You will need:

175g plain chocolate
250ml single cream
1 egg

  1. Heat the cream until it is about to boil (but don't let it!).
  2. In a chopper or food processor (I used the Allure Mini Ball Chopper , process the chocolate until finely chopped. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and leave for a minute to melt.
  3. Process the mixture for a few seconds.
  4. Crack the egg into the mixture and process for thirty seconds.
  5. Pour into small pots or jars, and chill until set. Garnish with marshmallows, though this is optional. Pink melamine spoons are not.


  1. I thought your use of the mini ball chopper thing for making mousse was inspired!
    My entry wasn't a sauce either, though I reckon chutney could be described as a condiment...
    I thought your video came across really well, much more ordered and organised than mine.
    I had thought the written recipes we were asked to send in were going to be shared with readers alongside the videos, so didn't really go into any detail on amounts or ingredients!

  2. Ooooooooh

    Good job! You were a little far away, but you explained really well, and I am dying for some chocolate pots right now :(

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mmmm! these sound fab! I didn't realise it was you in the Facebook app there but got curious who'd got so many votes! Very well deserved!

  4. Yum! Perfect for cold weather

  5. I would very much like one of these now! and the hot pink melamine spoon :) So trying these tomorrow, so I can have one for dessert.

  6. These look lush... and I love your video. Is it seriously called a 'ball chopper'?!

  7. Love the recipe and the video! Chocolate, marshmallow in a pot with fireworks.. what is not to like?!

  8. Fancy Elastic - It is indeed called a ball chopper. I didn't name it. In fairness, it is a ball. :)

  9. you look awful and your kitchen is such a mess... my god man, sort it out!!!!!

  10. Loved the video...I think you might be the next Food Network star. :-)

    Can't wait to try my hand at these!!


That's what he said.

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