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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Honey-Cinnamon Peanut Butter

My condiment addiction.

I feel as though I live my life trying to catch up with myself. I spend my time away at work making lists of urgent things that I'll need to do when I get home and then never have the time to do them. It is a race to get everything done on the last of my days off.

I am never up to date with the laundry. This makes me feel especially inadequate because I am the son of a woman who always has an empty wash basket and freshly ironed clothes. Even raising three children never stopped her from getting it all done on time. How ashamed she must be.

I can't even watch television programmes on time. Thank God for that ugly digital box thing that sits under the TV set and means that I can watch 'The Killing' after everybody else has already seen it. You know, when it was actually broadcast. (We don't get BBC4 at 33, 000ft, and even if we did I can't imagine the passengers would be too impressed if I sat down to watch Sarah Lund get thrown off of another case. I feel for her. I really do. Though quite frankly, I feel for myself too.)

I'm playing catch up with the blog today as well. In two ways! We're making peanut butter - people have been doing that for years, I'm hardly being original - and also, posting this recipe and video was number one on my list of things to do this week. I can tick that off now. Or would if I could find my Sharpie. It's a start at least.

I know making peanut butter seems crazy when you can buy it in the shops. But you can't buy Cinnamon-Honey Peanut Butter (at least, not in Cardiff...), and I had to use my Allure 3-in-1 Hand Blender. Do me a favour and try this out. But get help shelling the nuts. Hell. On. Earth.
Cinnamon-Honey Peanut Butter

You will need:

325g roasted peanuts
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp salt

  1. Basically, chuck the lot in the processor and set it to work. For more detail, watch the video!


  1. Yummy!!! Thank you for share it with us, is a nice recipe to do ^^


  2. Good recipe. And your laundry will never be fully complete unless you walk around naked. There are always dirty clothes!

  3. There's a company here in th US that makes unique flavore of peanut butter, and I tried their honey version a few years ago. It was good, but I'll bet yours is better! :-)

    And honestly, laundry is the worst. I love clean clothes. I'd love it even more if there were laundry fairies that got them that way with no effort on my part.

  4. Sounds delicious, but would have to hide from my husband, he is such a peanut butter addict!

  5. Love it!! :)

    I adore your blog, the recipes and the style :D

    I was wondering if you ever posted or would like to post a recipe for sticky toffee pudding???
    I've been looking for an original recipe :)

  6. Mr P, that sounds good to me. The school I went to from ages 9 to 12 served peanut butter and honey sandwiches, but no cinnamon.

    Thank you so much for taking a look at my current post photo and telling me what you know about my cake whisk. Had no idea it was mentioned in The Cake Bible. It's been too long since I looked at that book.


That's what he said.

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