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Monday 26 March 2012

Chocolate Chestnut Truffle Cake

The happiness of flip flops.

That is all.


No, don't worry. It's not all. But I just had to acknowledge how much I LOVE(yes, with love hearts) living in Cardiff when the weather does what it's doing at the moment. My garden becomes a heat trap, and sunlight pours in through the open windows rendering my formerly cold and damp residence a warm, bright and airy home. I don't wish to sound as though I am putting Number 87 down; certainly I am no troglodyte, but this is South Wales after all, and a certain amount of realism is required.

So, yes, the delights of open-toed footwear are being fully appreciated by yours truly. I may even allow myself to wear the green sun hat I bought in Forever 21 in S.F. last year, but sense that one step at a time is probably the safest way to proceed. Mustn't over do it on the second day of sun.

I imagine that this warm weather is going to inspire a batch of ice-cream making, since, to be frank, my oven is simply not going to be switched on in the next few days. But for now, I have had another of my 'what is there saved on the hard drive?' rootles and found this chilled and chocolatey delight from several months ago. Yes; there are many edibles that get their picture taken and then languish, woefully, on my computer for many months. I've had some lemon curd macarons begging me to write about them since January, but I'm showing them who's boss.

Actually, today's truffle cake is a brilliant warm weather offering. You don't need an ice cream maker, and there are no raw eggs involved, the presence of which I happen to believe is the main reason most people are reluctant to wallow in the dreamy, rich pleasures of a semi-freddo.

Their choice. I'm here to offer a solution, not a judgement.

Chestnut purée is hardly seasonal, I know, but since this sunny warmth isn't either, I am not letting that bother me. You can always wait until November if you wish. But since it comes in tins, you really needn't...

Chocolate Chestnut Truffle Cake

You will need:

500g tin sweetened chestnut purée
300g melted plain chocolate
175g softened butter
3 tbsp brandy or liqueur of your choice

  1. First, the prep: get yourself a loaf tin and line it with clingfilm. Then add a second lining of clingfilm. Not joking, this took me ages. I hate clingfilm.
  2. Mix the ingredients together until smooth and amalgamated. You do not need me to tell you that I used Malibu, but brandy would be lovely, as would whisky. Or indeed Cointreau, the great, orangey love of my liqueur cupboard life.
  3. Pour into the lined tin, smooth down and chill over night or until firm (around three hours I'd say, but overnight is easier for me). Serve in (thin!) slices with cream or crème fraïche.


  1. Sounds delicious. I have no idea where to find chestnut puree. I will drool over your cake instead.

  2. Divine dessert! I can't tell you how much I'd like a slice of this tonight, my fridge only contains yogurt and I can't be bothered making at the moment! I'd go crazy for a slice of this, I always order cold sliced chocolate desserts whenever I'm in France, they're my favourite!

  3. I've made a cake similar to this before and it's absolutely delicious. Plus it's gluten and egg free so perfect for people with allergies.

    Ps how amazing is this weather? Loving it!

  4. Yum! Understatement I know, but this sounds delicious and all cling-film dramas aside, easy.
    It's the wrinkles, right?

  5. It is indeed the wrinkles. And the fact that it never tears properly. If I knew I'd be re-incarnated as something fabulous, I'd probably kill myself to deal with the frustration.

  6. Beautiful beautiful cake and I happen to have a tin of chestnut purée in the house so yay! I also have that exact plate too so I may borrow the look for serving it too. By the way I have a thing about flip flops. I hate them. They're such a slothernly lazy footwear. I can't bear the sound of people dragging their feet around shuffling in them. Hateful I know. Plus you always see dumbass idiots cycling in them which I think must be because they're missing a brain cell or two! Anyway, back to your lovely cake....

  7. Holy moley, this is so simple. Nearly passed out when I saw it, I'm not gonna lie. Definitely trying this.


That's what he said.

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