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Thursday 21 February 2013

Comic Relief and Emma Bridgewater

 Morning latte, which means poor lighting (it being the morning),  which means I know you won't mind the poor photo!

I suck at keeping promises.

I promised myself that I wouldn't do very many 'review' type posts. I find them alienating and annoying when I read them on other blogs. I despise the whole 'I got sent this for free and I think you should pay for it' angle. I also find it quite lazy on the part of the blogger (I accept that there are exceptions though, and I have done some reviews that I stand 100% behind, such as these).

Mind you, I also promised myself that I'd stop eating Peanut M&M's for breakfast and that I wouldn't show nudie photos of a certain someone to certain other people, but well... I'm a vow-breaker.

So today, I am doing a review post, but it's for a FANTASTIC cause, a great brand (that I happen to have coveted since time immemorial) and which I do think is of something worth shelling out for.

Is it not adorable that my mug was inspected by Bev? I wonder who she is. 

You must all be familiar with Emma Bridgewater. Her ceramics are everywhere. If someone you didn't know very well whispered into your ear, all quiet and mysteriously, 'Polka dotted cream coloured teapot and mug', you'd think, immediately after walking quickly away from them, terrified, of Emma's designs. They're simple and gorgeous. The ultimate in upmarket, department store chic.

Well, she's teamed up with Comic Relief and designed a range of kitchen accessories to raise money for the 2013 campaign. And they are awesome. You can get them exclusively at HomeSense and TK Maxx, and the best bit is that loads of the money goes to Comic Relief. How nice not to have to buy a silly red nose to support such a great cause?


 The classic Emma Bridgewater mug, with a twist. 
£9.99 with at least £4 going to Comic Relief.


I ♥ these tea towels. Esp. the tarts one.
£4.99 with at least £2 going to Comic Relief.

Apparently this bag is for shopping, but to me it screams 'Knitting Bag'. 
You must decide for yourself. Good luck with that.
£9.99, with at least £4 going to Comic Relief.

I find that buying nice mugs and tea towels is something I rarely do for myself. So this campaign is fantastic as it's a perfect way to buy yourself a present (surely the best kind) and do something worthwhile. That's what's known in the industry as a turn out for the books.

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  1. I just love Emma Bridgewater!! happy to follow your lovely blog!
    Mary x


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