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Here is where my ego inflates...

Boastfulness and vainglory are neither of them attractive traits. However, the fact remains that since its inception, Delicious Delicious Delicious has been mentioned on several websites and had the odd nod elsewhere, too. So I have put together this list of shout-outs that my silly little website has received so far and hope to be able to update it from time to time in the future.
  • Channel 4 love me. And d'you know what? I love them right back.
  • ABC Canberra picked up on the controversy that Re-Inventing the Lamington created, and interviewed Mr. P about it in early February 2011. You can listen to the interview here.
  • Delicious Delicious Delicious was featured in Wales Online's Putting Cardiff On The Culinary Map.
  • TheKitchn.com also featured Delicious Delicious Delicious, and not just once but twice. We appreciate.
  • Fox News Magazine featured Delicious Delicious Delicious and yours truly was pretty excited about it!
  • Woman and Home put us on their Best 100 Blogs list. I'm #9. Got to get up that leaderboard! 
  • Sage Magaizine Online had us in their December 2012 issue. 
  • Frankie featured the lamingtons. Hello, Australians! 
  • Chocolate Party Spoons continue to take over the world. The Bump recommend them for baby showers! Why not?
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