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Friday 4 April 2014

UK Coffee Week (7-13 April)

So, next week, in the UK at least, is dedicated to that most heavenly of caffeinated beverages, coffee, and Delicious Delicious Delicious is giving away 50 coffee pods to celebrate.

More about that in a minute. First, what's this coffee week business? Well, the Fine Coffee Club (who are giving away the coffee) put it rather nicely:

UK Coffee Week really is for everyone who enjoys coffee and wants to give something back to the countries which produce the beans we love so much. It doesn't matter if you are an instant coffee drinker or an artisan roaster: everyone can support UK Coffee Week.

The Fine Coffee Company gives 20% of the cost of their Rwandan coffee direct to the farmers at The Rwandan Coffee Farmers Company (RFCC). The RFCC is right now building a coffee roasting and packaging plant that will provide an income for 50, 000 local coffee farmers and, of course, create jobs.

The pods the company make are compatible with Nespresso branded machines. And I know you want to get a hold of some.

Delicious Delicious Delicious is giving away 5 x 10 pod packs of the following coffees:

Dark Roast - A darkly roasted blend of premium Central American and African beans that delivers a full-bodied, well – rounded bold taste. Recommended drink: Latte

Light Roast - A mild, easy drinking espresso consisting of the finest beans from Colombia, Costa Rica and Africa, this blend has a fruity flavour with a softly rounded character. Recommended drink: Espresso

Lungo - best enjoyed as a longer shot. Hand selected coffees from South America and Africa result in full-bodied intensity and a lasting rich flavour. Recommended drink: Americano with a splash of cold milk

Guatemalan - Guatemala's rich volcanic earth has produced this rich Arabica with many layered flavours. Darkly roasted, with a medium body, bright acidity, floral aromas and dark fruit flavours, leaving you with a clean lingering after taste. Recommended drink: Americano

Rwandan - Our 100% single origin Rwandan coffee has a full body and strong acidity. This coffee is rich and smoky, there are brown sugar and bittersweet dark chocolate flavours alongside the black tea note that is characteristic of Rwandan coffees. Recommended drink: Americano or Espresso

How to win:

Simple. See up top there I have a photo of a latte with a flower on it? I love coffee art. In the past, I have had coffees with dogs, hearts and even Hello Kitty on the top. 

Leave a comment or tweet me @peterdelicious telling me what you'd love on top of your latte. I'll pick a winner at random next Friday.

Good luck! 

(For the record, and for equity, I would like Ewan McGregor's face on top of my latte.)


  1. Mr P, that photo is of one gorgeous cup of coffee! But I rarely drink coffee. Mainly I use it to flavour things I make. So I'm going to celebrate UK Coffee Week with a nice little pot of Earl Grey!

  2. I just posted something that goes great with a cup of either tea or coffee!


That's what he said.

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