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Thursday 17 July 2014

El desayuno: Tostada con tomate

OK, OK, I think we have established in the past that I am not a Spanish speaker, but after my recent trip to Malaga I have been inspired to try and recreate the super sensational breakfast I ate there every single day. And it sounds better in the original language - 'tomato toasts' doesn't really make me feel the least bit hungry, and I doubt anybody is really going to search for that on Google either.

(Just saying.)

Here's the deal: warm toasted bread, drizzled with peppery olive oil and rubbed with juicy, red, sun-sweet tomato. It's so much more than it sounds, and I happen to think it sounds pretty good actually. The way it's served at Dulces Dreams, the place I stayed in (and recommend to all), the tomato comes pulped in a little dish, along with bread, oil and salt, so that's how I have been making it at home too. To be honest, you could probably just rub a cut tomato into the toast and it would be less of a production, but some of us live for the drama, so don't hate me for adding an extra step.

I do think that good extra virgin olive oil is essential. It needs to be peppery and make your mouth tingle, otherwise it's just... well, oil. I've been tinkering with the new Gran Cru range from Filippo Berio, and think their Toscano is just perfect here. I know it's Italian, and this is a Spanish recipe, but let's be honest: who's going to know when it's on the bread and tomato? Toscano has pep, a lovely grassy colour and a nice fragrance too. A little sprinkle of sea salt on the top and you have a seriously delicious breakfast.

Unspoilt. Unadulterated.

The Gran Cru range also has oils from Sicily and Puglia, the different regions (goodness me, the temptation to use the word 'terroirs' runs high!) each offering something different in terms of flavour and colour. I recommend checking them out if you see them in your supermarket; the quality is really high, and good oil makes all the difference in your cooking.

Tostada con tomate

You will need:

(Per person)

1 white crusty bread roll
2 good sized ripe tomatoes
good extra virgin olive oil
sea salt

  1. Split the roll in half and toast the inside. I used my griddle, but the toaster would work as well. Obviously.
  2. While that's happening, either just slice the tomatoes to rub onto the toast later, or grate them using a box grater. 
  3. To serve, drizzle the toast generously with oil; top with tomato and sprinkle with salt. Eat. Repeat.

Delicious Delicious Delicious received a sample of oils from the Filippo Berio Gran Cru range.


  1. Why is it that tomato toasts never taste the same at home as they do in Spain?! It's ambrosial there and pretty humdrum here... I blame the weather ;)

  2. I like how when it's Spanish or Italian, it becomes a great starter! I don't think a British restaurant would dare serve "tomatoes on toast"! I love this kind of snack in the Summer though.

  3. Delicious, and one of your five (or seven) a day right there.

  4. Mr P, it does sound wonderful! But I am a mayonnaise girl, and must have my tomato sandwiches slathered in the stuff. (Just made a batch of homemade and posted it on my blog this morning!) But plain olive oil could be good, too.

  5. Just shows that really good ingredients need very little cooking. Sounds great.

  6. Simple and delicious, as all the best things should be!

  7. This makes me daydream of sunshine and holidays. Sometimes the very simple, brilliant ingredients are all you need aren't they?

  8. Gosh that does sound divine... bright summery fresh flavours.... I'm making a mental note of this to make when we're on holiday!!! Simple but amazing, like all the best recipes!

  9. I was super surprised that I really liked tomato toast when I was in Spain too. But it is really really good!


That's what he said.

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