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Thursday 1 April 2010

Audience Participation

Well, we all love a bit of it, don't we?

I had the best surprise this morning in the form of an email from Mr. Other P's Aunty Sue, and included was a picture of my Glittering Raspberry Kulfi. Except it wasn't the one I had made; she'd rustled some up herself. Here's the proof!

She's a better food stylist than I am!

This got me thinking. A great deal. I've made lots of recipes from other people's blogs over the years. I'm curious to know if anybody here has ever made one of mine. If you have, would you let me know how it turned out?

I'm going to post a list of some of the dishes I have made over on the Delicious Delicious Delicious Facebook Page. Why not come and discuss?


  1. you remember that giant 'biscuit' with the heavy cream and cocnut you made a little bit ago? I made that...I got a bite out of it, and then I didn't see it again, it wound up gobbled up by my mom and my aunt LOL. It was good, as far as I can remember :P

  2. Brilliant! I can identify - Perce stole the leftovers. Right out of my fridge!

  3. your chestnut post inspired me to go buy chestnuts (ready roasted streetside ones)..does that count?

  4. Bigarade - I don't know if it counts, but I'm glad you did! They're good, aren't they? What you need to do is look like you want to buy, and aren't sure if you should. You'll score some free samples. Works everytime.

  5. I will be attempting your rainbow cupcakes this weekend. But I will buttercream it.

  6. Wow. Misspelled my own name. There's nothing all right about that.

  7. I'm planning to give the bizcocho a shot as cupcakes for a friend's birthdau on Friday. I am thinking of strawberry yogurt, chocolate chips, cream cheese icing, and a strawberry on top. Might be too many flavours . . . . will report back!


That's what he said.

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