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Thursday 20 May 2010

Emergency Sprinkles!

We've all been there. I will not accept, however you plead, that even one of you, not a single one, has never had the misfortune of being in that terrible situation of knowing you need a gift for somebody and have no time to go shopping. It might be a birthday party that crept up on you, it might be that you're going to see your pregnant sister who's about to drop her first child or it might even be both.

(For me, it has been both in the last few weeks. Remain calm: I am a survivor.)

Nobody likes being in these situations. And unless you own your own boutique, I think the only way out of them is to keep a well stocked larder (flour, sugar, eggs and what-not), and above all, some marzipan, food colourings and one of these cutters. Friends: we are going to bake our way out of this mess. Roll up your sleeves, and get out your mixing bowls.

Actually, you don't even need to make the cake yourself. I don't care if you buy one. But making your own sprinkles is going to make it look as though you didn't forget the occasion, but rather, had the foresight to plan a little cake-off to mark it.

This is going to change your life; pay attention.

Get yourself some marzipan, just a little chunk. Colour it; roll it out on a flat surface dusted with icing sugar.

Start stamping away with your cutter. Mine is a heart shape, but they have a whole range. You could get quite carried away.

Admire your handiwork, but not for too long... Time's a ticking.

If you want, add glitter and do different colours. Now run to the party and thank me later.

Disclaimer: I did not forget my sister and her baby. I just didn't think about baking anything until the last minute. Do you think I'd forget something like that? What do you take me for?


  1. I love this, how imaginative of you! I am terrible with a pastry bag and decorating cakes is one of my shortfalls, I really like this idea, thank you for sharing.

  2. I am sending this to my sister. What a lovely idea -- thanks so much!
    Best from Cape Cod, Massachusetts,

    Judith Ann

  3. Only one left in stock at this point (no doubt sold out by the morrow) is that your doing Mr?:) Very cute and very handy - love the delicate hand with the glitter too:D

  4. That was life-altering in more ways than i can tell you ^^

  5. Your work is getting so good!! I have been looking through your stuff and I love how you're learning and developing.


  6. Brilliant idea! I have a set of flower shaped cutters from that range but have not used them much yet. Shame on me!!!

  7. The hearts are so cute...You can make money out of our brilliant ideas!..I will try this also...

  8. I love your blog. This is my first time here and I could stay for hours except we have to eat. Thanks so much.

  9. hiya just disovered your blog - where have you beeeeen???!! im crazy for make up and cupcakes - you might wanna take a look (at the cupcakes part I hasten to add!)



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