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Friday 28 May 2010

A Week of Ice-Creams: Day Five

Mascarpone Ice-Cream. For the ice-cream machineless.

And he's back!

Well, let me tell you straight - I have never made so much ice-cream in one week, and thank goodness for BBQ weather and the chance to unload some of my creations on friends this evening. It's been calorific, to be sure.

I have a treat for you today, for the last in my week of ice-creams. I'm making one that doesn't need an ice-cream maker. And in all honesty, I think it might be the best one of all (except for the melon sorbet, which I really, really do love).

It's an adaptation of an Anna del Conte recipe for gelato de mascarpone. Bears little resemblance in fact, because I added some Bailey's, and an Italian would never do that. But I didn't want to open the new bottle of amaretto just for this (am I the only one who doesn't like opening new bottles?), and we have Irish cream in the house.

Please note:

This is the creamiest, most luscious ice-cream I have ever made. You should make some too.

I tried to fashion my ice-cream into little cupcakes. I'm not trying to be original, I just don't own ice lolly moulds. But they should be first choice. I mean, let's be honest: I have pulled off some terrible food styling in my time, and posted a bad photo or two on Delicious Delicious Delicious, but we're reaching new levels of awful here. I hope you aren't put off. Seriously, all you need is a wooden spoon and three or four minutes. You'll never buy ice-cream again.

Scoop, sprinkle and freeze.

Mascarpone Ice-Cream

You will need:

250g mascarpone
2 egg yolks
80g icing sugar
3 tbsp Bailey's (or amaretto, or use 1 tsp vanilla)

  1. Mix everything together in a bowl using a wooden spoon. This takes about two minutes.
  2. Spoon into serving dishes, cupcake liners or lolly moulds, and freeze.
  3. Let ripen in the fridge for half an hour before serving.


  1. cup cake ice cream sounds very innovative.

  2. if is bailey's i'm in love. i make ice cream almost every day for my family, i invented recipes and is so go.... decicious. i will make yours.

  3. That's some serious ice cream. Any chance this little lacto-veggie could possibly do it without eggs? Please say it's possible... Pretty please with a squillion cherries and sprinkles on top..?

  4. cup cake ice cream mmmm sounds unique n creative.Lovely clicks.....
    Do drop in sometime

  5. Sanjana - it would so work without the eggs!

  6. I was thinking 'Does the addition of the booze that helps keep things softer?' But it can't be as there is the vanilla option too. Your branching out with the Bailey's really leaves the door open for so many variations Mr P:D Whoo hoooo!;P

    They are very CUTE presented this way:)

  7. What a brilliant idea. Amaretto or Frangelico might work too? And you get a smooth texture? This recipe is gold dust.

  8. I don't even want to bother freezing this, I just want to eat it as is!

    I wonder how it would taste inside of a doughnut... nom.

  9. Hi Mr P! I've enjoyed your week of ice creams. Glad you included a little something for those of us who don't have an ice cream maker. I just made a machineless one this week from a book I was sent for review. Think I'll try this one next.

  10. OMG I have a bottle and a half of Amaretto (my son keeps buying it for my birthday and I don't drink it that often)must get some marscapone and get going with this recipe.

  11. I just said how happy i was that i DID NOT have an ice cream maker..and you post this! :))

  12. It is not an ice cream at the first look. I thought its a cupcake but its cute!!

  13. Even though Winter is just about to start here and it's not conducive for ice creams, I love this challenge and want to try it out- though with more seasonal produce like persimons, apples and quince.

  14. GOLDEN!
    this recipe saved my dinner party :)
    and the rest of the bailey's will just have to be finished up by me and my guests!! ^_^

  15. Bad food styling in the cupcake liners? I think not, I love them. :)

    Plus, sharing a recipe for those of us sad souls without an ice cream maker makes you my new favorite friend.

  16. What a great idea! Love that it doesnt require an icecream maker. baileys.. mascarpone... i think I'm in heaven!


    PS, I included this in the summer roundup on foodwhirl.com today... thanks for sharing it!


That's what he said.

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