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Wednesday 21 October 2009

Baktus Scarf

OK, I know that this isn't edible, but it just so happens that today is Mr. Other P's birthday, and I am so pleased with how the gift I made him turned out that I had to put it here. Check out my Baktus!
The done thing seems to be to photograph these against floor boards, so I have followed suit, but I like the close up of the garter stitch too...

I'm new to knitting, and so far have only made scarves, but this is really cool because it's triangular, and from what I gather, taking the first steps beyond the rectangle in the knitting world is a big thing! I got the pattern from Ravelry and made it using Rowan pure wool aran. Next up is a hat, I can feel it.

The birthday cake is in the oven by the way.


  1. I love your scarf... the green is glorious, a lovely leafy green.

    Now make yourself one!

  2. Love this scarf!!! Yummy!!! OOOH and Mr Other P has the same B'day as my sis! Say happy birthday to him! and no worries about the pattern!! he he I could make last week but there with bells on tomorrow!! Yay!!

  3. What a fantastic scarf! Mr. Other P is very lucky. I would like to make a similar scarf for my boyfriend for his birthday, but there is small difficulty of never having "knit" before in my life. His version would be a knotted mass of yarn with bits of broken knitting needle dangling from it, soaked in my frustrated tears.

    Maybe I will just bake him one of your cakes!

  4. You should! This is really easy to do. Give it a go!!

    (I can't see your profile by the way - you also blog?)

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