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Wednesday 12 May 2010

Rome Guide: Dolciumi e frutta secca onorati dal 1937

It's like a grown-up pick and mix!

OK, I know that normally when I do these Rome Guides I play along as if we've been on some lovely walk around the city, eating and drinking whatever we (I) please, but it's not going to be like that today.

Today, I want to let you know about the place I buy the bulk of my baking ingredients and sprinklies and sparklies for cake decorating - wafer flowers, dragees and the like.

The window display offers promise, no?

Ever since I posted about my Chocolate Party Spoons people have been asking me where I buy my loot (the technical term for sugar decorations). I have answered enough emails; now you know. Italy, on the whole, is a great place to get hold of pretty sweets and whatnots, but this shop, on Corso Rinascimento is a treasure trove.

They sell candied fruits that shimmer like jewels, candied pumpkin (which has been purchased for this year's Christmas Cake) and have literally jars of sprinkles and sweeties which are just perfect for cakes. Oh, and you'll want some of the chocolate covered pistachios as well.

This became mine, though I am sure they'll have more.

Happily, there is a small webpage for you to further explore here, but you can find the store itself close to Piazza Navona.

Dolciumi e frutta secca
Corso Rinascimento, 8


  1. woooow that place looks awesome!! what a wicked little gem!

  2. Those pictures look like the scene right out of the original Willy Wonka...I mean, it could really be the location of that candy shop.

    Now, I have a hankerin' to see the movie :)

  3. Feeling a strong urge to book a flight to Rome (trying very hard to hold off until nearer the end of our virtual tour with you!)

    Thanks Mr P.

  4. Such a pity they don't have an on-line shop...or maybe that's great - I'd buy way too much stuff!!! Candied pumpkin mmm

  5. I wonder why there is nothing like that here in Aus - I am sure we *need* this shop. It just looks like something I dreamed, or should have!

  6. I love this!

    And I love those jars in the first photo. I must find them and buy them.

  7. This store is awesome and very dangerous. :) - mary

  8. It's probably a good thing there's no place like that in Bubbastan-I'd get lost there for hours even if I was just looking for the dragees I need for a new baking project.

  9. Ohhh that looks so cool, I wish we had something like that in Oz.
    Very jealous :)


That's what he said.

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