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Monday 24 May 2010

A Week of Ice-Creams: Day One

Mango Frozen Yogurt

Or, getting some use out of your ice-cream maker.

I actually use my ice-cream maker a lot. Which is because not long after I bought it, I read an article in the paper that claimed ice-cream makers were the most likely kitchen appliance to be bought and used once. I don't like that statistic.

It's extremely hot in Britain now. I came back home from my last trip planning to bake all kinds of goodies for the blog, and all my plans have been scuppered by the beautiful sunshine. So I thought I'd spend the week making frozen desserts and trying to encourage you, my wonderful readers, to do something about the terrible claim made by the writer of that fateful newspaper article.

The ice-cream maker that I use is this Magimix Le Glacier, and let me tell you, I love it. I got it years ago, when we had another crazily hot Summer and we had just moved back to Cardiff. We didn't really have two pennies to rub together so I don't know what I was thinking buying something like an ice-cream maker on a whim, but I did, and we spent the whole Summer eating cones filled with flavours of ice-cream you could never buy in shops.

The most successful flavour of that first year, and probably the one I make most often, is not really an ice-cream; it's frozen yogurt. But Greek yogurt, so you still get all the calories - I'd hate to miss out. And it's my favourite flavour - mango (yes, again!).

Alphonso mango purée

Today's ice-cream is another one of those ideas that I feel guilty about posting - like the bizcocho, the sprinkles, the kulfi and the spoons, it is so simple that anybody could do it, and it takes about three seconds to make. But surely that should go in its favour?

Mango Frozen Yogurt

You will need:

Greek yogurt
Mango purée

  1. The amount of yogurt and mango purée (which I buy in a tin from my local Indian store, and usually keep leftovers in my fridge - if you can't find it, whizz up some fresh mango, or a tin of slices) used will depend on your machine's capacity. Mine takes about 700ml, so I use about 450ml yogurt and make up the rest of the volume with fruit purée. You can vary it - more yogurt gives a creamier texture.
  2. Mix the two ingredients together well; pour into your ice-cream maker.
  3. Churn for 20 minutes or so, until the ice-cream is frozen.


  1. A week of ice-creams? Oh god, I can't wait :) I use my ice-cream maker a fair bit too although I'll admit mainly for frozen yoghurts as the boyfriend insists on trying to be healthy (whereas I would happily pour double cream on everything). I'm glad you started the week with mango frozen yoghurt- my favourite. Dice a handful of dried mango to chuck over the top and have yourself a healthy sundae ;)

  2. I have the greek yogurt. I have the mango puree. What I don't have is a handy dandy ice cream maker, because I thought I would buy it and then use it once LOL.

    It is humid and sweaty here too, so that ice cream looked extra-lick-the-computer-screen good.

  3. This mango froyo looks luscious! I also ♥ my ice cream maker.

  4. I don't have an icecream maker (never seem to have enough room in the freezer for the bowl) but think I am going to have to do something about that situation!!

    Your photos get better by the day! (and they were great to start with)

  5. Lora - You just changed my life. I am in love with the word 'froyo'! Did you make that up yourself? Because you deserve a prize fot that.

    T - I reckon you could do it without. It would just need a little rest in the fridge after freezing solid. Greek yogurt is really creamy, so it shouldn't go all icy.

    Alia - I am going to have a freezer full of ices that I don't need, but we're having a party at the weekend, so why not?

    Brownieville Girl - They really are a good investment. It's much better to make your own ice-cream. And my photos suck, but you are a love, thanks!

  6. You just saved my life! I bought an ice cream maker at the end of summer last year (discount, baby) so that I'd be ready for this year. I'm going to use your recipe for my very first attempt since it's so simple. Thank you, Mr. P!

  7. I love my ice cream maker, but didn't get it out once last year. However, I'm excited to try this recipe even though it's a weird spring here and we still have snow on the ground. I also recently noticed Greek yogurt in the grocery store and wondered what the difference was. Thanks for the post, and I look forward to more ice cream.

  8. mango anything is my favorite. a week of ice creams, you say? uh oh, i'm in trouble :)

  9. I don't care how cold it's getting here (well, no, I really do care quite a lot, but for the purposes of this comment I will pretend I don't), I want some of this. I want to eat so much so quickly I get horrible brainfreeze.

  10. After several years hankering after that Gaggia number that you can use immediately without freezing bowls, I was given a very similar ice cream maker. I've been perfectly happy with it, it lives in my freezer all the time so it's always ready. I think it's worth compromising the space!

    I've not done mango but this looks very refreshing - and what a fab contrast with that green background.

  11. This seems to easy! I, too get probably too much use out of my ice cream maker. I have been making a ton of mango buttermilk ice-cream!


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