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Friday 14 January 2011

Forever Nigella: Gingerbread

So, to get you up to speed:

It's Friday night. I thought I'd relax and treat myself to a night in with a steak and some wine. It sounds lovely, doesn't it? Mr. Other P is out with colleagues and I have the place to myself. Imagine, catching up on Corrie, or even getting to watch the DVD of The History Boysthat I bought ages ago and which he keeps vetoing whenever we decide to watch movies. Well, dream on: it's not happening.

My kitchen is full of cake, coconut and all manner of sprinkles as part of Re-Inventing the Lamington 2011, and desperately needs cleaning (though only after I fry my steak - no sense tidying up to make a mess, is there?); there i
s laundry literally exploding out of the spare room where I shut it to make me forget that it's there and needs ironing; we have no wine.

To top it all off, I'm on a deadline of midnight, when rather than turn into a pumpkin, I shall have to turn into friendly, charming Wonder Man and go and meet them all in town. (Why do I agree to these things?)

Deep breath.

I have poured myself a large Campari soda. Perhaps its bitterness will sooth mine?

Anyway, rather than chores, I have decided to post my entry for the fabulous Sarah of Maison Cupcake's new blogging event: Forever Nigella. Have you heard of it? There's a logo and everything! Witness:

How fabulous is this?

(I feel like I should have made a logo for Re-Inventing the Lamington!)

The minute I found out about this new event, I decided to post for it. I love Nigella; I feel like she's my friend. Quite often I pretend she's in the kitchen with me, telling my about what spices my ras-el-hanout is made up of, or that I shouldn't be stirring my rice with a spoon, but rather a fork.

Is that creepy? I don't care. Sometimes I also fantasize that I live in Hampstead and Nigel Slater comes round for tea, but instead we get drunk on gin and tonics. It could happen.


This month, the first, we're meant to blog a seasonal recipe, and I am doing Nigella's Sticky Gingerbread from Nigella Christmas.

Since rules state we can't post the recipe (I want to give it to you so badly!), I'll just say that I made it this Christmas in loaves to give as presents and everyone who got one requested the same for next year. It's that good... It's Nigella.

I made another batch this week for the lamington challenge (who says lamingtons can't be made from gingerbread?), and snapped some pictures on a dull, dark day, just for Forever Nigella. For next month's, maybe I'll go savoury - there is a LOT of cake around here at the moment.

I'm off to clean the kitchen. Or make another Campari soda...


  1. wow this looks great your a fab baker

  2. Beautiful photo, great gingerbread, go out, have fun, take Nigella with you... Oh and by the way, I often have the same fantasy about Nigel Slater... Maybe we should just pop round?

  3. Heh I think I fantasise about living in Hampstead too although it had not occurred to me to invite Nigel (AKA your dream dad) round.

    Reading Nigella does feel like she's in your kitchen and I know that's how she would want it.

    This gingerbread looks wonderful, I haven't made any for 12 months, I think the last time I did it was the gingerbread loaf with lemon icing in Domestic Goddess which I adapted as cupcake bases with great success.

    Thank you so much for taking part in the first Forever Nigella! I don't know what you mean about deadline - you had another two days to go!!

  4. As promised, I've come back. I have a weakness for gingerbread that harkens back to childhood when it was served with lemon sauce. Yours looks drool worthy. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. The deadline was to do with having promised to go out at midnight. But in the end, I decided that that was too late and did the ironing instead. With a third campari soda!

  6. God I love gingerbread, that looks perfect.

  7. Hi Mr. P. I found your blog from Dom's. How are you?
    The Gingerbread looks beautiful. I, too, love Nigella and often have the same fantasy that she's with me in the kitchen and we cook and eat together (I just re-read that and I sound crazy). Enjoy the campari soda!

  8. Nigella is a favorite here, also. I am trying to cook loads of recipes from her new book, Nigella's Kitchen. What fun.

  9. I love Nigella, but I have already overcommitted on groups, even though Nigella is my idol. Great gingerbread.

  10. Love your picture of the gingerbread, it looks perfect. I often imagine Nigella is in the kitchen with me steering me in the right direction. That's the feeling I get when I read her books. It may sound crazy, but I think Nigella would be pleased :-)

  11. In that huge round up, your picture really stood out. So glad because it led me to your blog and your writing is just as refreshing. I'll join you for a campari and soda.


That's what he said.

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