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Saturday 21 January 2012

Re-Inventing the Lamington 2012 Day Five: Marshmallow and Rice Krispie Lamingtons

Teddie looked on longingly. How he wished he could join in with Lamington Jenga! But the fear of Watermelon Kewpie's anger when she found out he'd lost her copy of 'Catch-22' at the teddy bears' picnic kept him away...

(In which Mr. P finds a friend in fine literature of the 20th Century.)

Watermelon Kewpie would be pretty mad with me as well. Teddy didn't lose her copy of 'Catch-22'. I have it! Ha ha ha!

And she's not getting it back.

The reason? I identify too strongly with Yossarian. I offer the following as evidence:

... there were many officers' clubs that Yossarian had not helped build, but he was proudest of the one on Pianosa. It was a sturdy and complex monument to his powers of determination. Yossarian never went there to help until it was finished; then he went there often, so pleased was he with the large, fine, rambling shingled building. It was truly a splendid structure, and Yossarian throbbed with a mighty sense of accomplishment each time he gazed at it and reflected that none of the work that had gone into it was his.

Is that not the exact story of me and my lazy-arse Chocolate Fudge Brownie Lamingtons? Well, what can I say? Why work hard when Ghiradelli can do it for you?

'Catch-22' was my 'A'-Level English Lit. teacher's favourite novel. He used to quote the opening as the greatest first paragraph of any novel ever written, though since this is my first time reading the book (SHAME! I'll be 30 next birthday!!), I'll have to let you know if I agree with his praises. So far, so good.

Anyhow, today's offering is Marshmallow and Rice Krispie Lamingtons, and let me be 100% clear about this: I plagiarised the idea, shamefully and shamelessly, from Mary the Food Librarian (who judged Re-Inventing the Lamington 2011 along with Edd, who wrote the book that is this year's prize, and Stef of the great CCP). I saw her Rice Krispie Bundt and knew right then and there that there was lamington potential. And there was: these are the light weight, appetite-saving lams. I can eat three in one sitting, though admittedly I did make them small.

Want to make some too? Here's how:

Marshmallow and Rice Krispie Lamingtons

You will need:

50g butter
300g marshmallows
200g Rice Kripies

200g milk chocolate
100g dessicated coconut

  1. Butter generously a 20cm square cake tin (or similar: you'll be cutting them up anyway, so size, as they say, doesn't matter).
  2. Over a low heat, melt the butter and marshmallows. Stir constantly!!
  3. Remove from the heat, stir in the Rice Krispies and then pour into the prepared tin and level the surface. This is to ensure nice, neat, crisp edges on the lamingtons. Set aside for a few hours (or overnight) to set.
  4. Cut the block of 'confection' (well, it's not a cake is it? What do we call these things?) into small squares or rectangles, or whatever shape you like.
  5. Melt the chocolate, put the coconut into a shallow bowl and then get dipping and rolling. You could use something else instead of coconut if you liked. Flaked chocolate would be amazing.
  6. When the coating has set, serve with gleeful abandon!

Re-Invent the Lamington Yourself!


  1. I did some rice crispy squares with molten marshmallow for the first time last halloween and it was quite a revelation after only having used chocolate before. You can't go wrong with rice crispy stuff!

  2. That picture is brilliant!


That's what he said.

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